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Visit britgeek_love, buy a Christmas present, and help an LJer in need!

Hi payingitforward... I hope all of you most kind, excellent, benevolent souls from the best LJ community idea ever are having a lovely holiday season out there.

I wanted to let you know about the community britgeek_love , which was created a few days back from the friends of britgeekgrrl , with the goal of people contributing items and services that are being auctioned off on LJ, in order to help cover the expenses associated with the recent death of britgeekgrrl 's husband Alex from cancer.

We are doing okay so far, considering, and the fact that so many of her friends are pulling together to help is certainly very special and meaningful to britgeekgrrl, but I wanted to put out the message here, because I know from prior experience just how much the people in this community can make a difference.

While we could certainly use more people willing to auction off goods or services, no matter how big or small, we would also love to open up the existing bidding to more people on LiveJournal.

Please take the time to check out the community, see if there's anything up for auction any of you would like for your holiday needs or otherwise, and please, if you can, try to get the word out about britgeek_love to others on LJ.

There are a lot of deals up for auction right now... I am auctioning off a permanent LJ account,, which is currently going for $90... which is $60 less than what LJ last sold its permanent accounts for, which it does only once in a blue moon. Others are selling handmade scarfs, including a classic Doctor Who scarf, autographed MST3K memorabilia, a handmade, custom-fitted linen shirt, artwork, handmade masks, rugs, handknit baby blankies, a USAF flightsuit, and tons of other things, so maybe you'll find something that you or a friend would like.

Thanks a lot, payingitforward! Looking forward to whatever help and good wishes you can send our way.

All the best -
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