Soul of the Innocent (mizanchan) wrote in payingitforward,
Soul of the Innocent

Earthquake relief

I wanted to provide a couple of resources to help the relief and recovery effort in Haiti. One is related to a source some of you may already know about, the other I was told about when talking to my union rep at work.

First, I established a donation web page through Partners in Health to take donations for PiH to help the Haitian people. If you've never heard of them, they are a great organization who already had a presence established in Haiti. I really admire their work with HIV and TB patients, especially among the poor. You can find my personal donation page for PiH here. And even if you cannot donate yourself, please spread the word along so more people can give to PiH.

Also, National Nurses United is reaching out to nurses with the hope of sending volunteer RNs to Haiti to assist in caring for the earthquake victims. They estimate it will cost around $250 per nurse per day for RNs to go there and help. But, by going to this site and following the prompts for donating, you can help defray the costs. Also, if anyone is an RN -or knows an RN who wants to help- they are recruiting volunteer RNs to send to Haiti. Pass the word along!

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