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I am 30 years old, and I am posting this for advice or help about paying seriously past due rent. I wanted to try my local resources before asking for help. I have tried my very best to find outside assistance and assistance from my family, but unfortunately the help is just not there.

My sister and I are very behind on our rent.

Sadly, I have been unable to find help with this situation. Either, she or I make too much money for one program, or there is no funding available. In the case of the family members I can turn to, they are either in the same boat as we are or just will not help for whatever reasons they have.

Posting this is really not something that I am particularly proud to have to do, but I will do it.

Right now, I am in danger of eviction. I am currently a few months past due, and with legal fees that is pushed up to $2001.00. My landlord, bless him, has given me as long as possible to pay before he will process the writ for an eviction, but that end date is coming up fairly fast. It is possible that I will be able to get at least half of that on my own, but they cannot take partial payments.

I have tried every place in the area and *out of area* in the past two weeks and am not finding the help I need.

I think I have two days, at best, before they post an eviction and then a few more after that before they actually evict me.

I am very scared, very alone and I really can't afford to be kicked out of my home. I know this is huge and I am sorry to post this or even to need this but, I have no choice nor any place to turn for the help we need.

Does anyone have any advice at all?
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