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Community Intro and first request!

Hey payingitforwarders!

I recently jumped on board a really great community concept here on LJ - the brainchild of girlsknowbest - called wellwishers. The idea is that the members donate $1 a week by paypalling to, and that's it. The money is pooled and then wishes are granted from that pool.

We've already helped someone with medicine for her dog, and now we are looking to help a horse owner pay for an x-Ray for the horse's hurt knee. Details here : (locked post, but please join!)

Highlights of the post:

A very good friend of mine, known on my LJ by the nickname Mayor McCheese, or lj handle ernestinewalker has been having issues with her horse's knee.

The vet wants to do an xray, but its gonna cost her $400. She cant afford it at the moment due to paying for her car that got wrecked last week, and other vet bills shes already paid for the horse and one of her cats. But that xray sure will solve the problem with what is going on with his knee. Those of you on her f-list can confirm this.

I'd like to rally behind her. If we could use some of the fund here to send to help a horse affectionately nicknamed "The Goob", that would be downright super.

She feels so awful about not getting him xrayed yet that shes considering surrendering him to the rescue she got him from. I'd hate for her to have to do that since she loves this animal dearly.

Well wishes are fine too. :)

When you join the community, you'll see the paypal link for the weekly dollar donation is

Thanks all!
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