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payingitforward's Journal

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Paying It Forward
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This is a community based on the idea of the movie, "Pay It Forward." This community is dedicated to the movement of good deeds for others with no intention on being paid back -- only the intention of paying it forward.

This community will offer support, ideas, a place to report, just about anything related to this concept.

Posting Guidelines

Posts of all kinds are welcome here. Stories of pay-it-forwards that happened to you, a good thing you did recently that you'd like to share with members here, requests for help from other members to help someone else in need, requests to share in a venture with other members (for example: sponsoring a family and the cost is rather high for one person, so it's a joint undertaking), etc...

The only kind of post at this time that is really not in the spirit of this community are the posts that are an individual requesting money or help for themselves. There are organizations that can help you if you are in need. Links forthcoming. Posts of these types will be deleted when seen by the maintainer. No ill will is implied by the deletion of these posts -- just that our focus needs to remain clear.

Helpful links for individuals who need help

  • http://www.modestneeds.org
  • www.freecycle.org

    Good luck and never forget to pay it forward.
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